The Cheesecake Factory

Hello and welcome to my first restaurant entry.  I want to tell you about my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory.  I like this restaurant so much because it is so fancy and they make really good recipes.  You should go to this place for dinner.  I bet you’d like it.  

Did I forget to tell you they have cheesecakes there.  That’s why it’s called The Cheesecake Factory. Get it? Because they make cheesecakes? Never mind.  😉  

When my family goes there, I usually get pasta for dinner and then chocolate cake for dessert.  But, my family and I only go there for special occasions. Anyway, what’s your favorite restaurant?  Maybe you have more than one favorite restaurant.  Until next time, see you on the next post.        



Hello and welcome to my first candy entry.  I want to tell you about my favorite candy, Rolos.  I really like them because they are so sweet, chocolaty, and delicious.  And don’t forget the caramel inside.  That’s the best part!

I wonder why they taste so good.  They must have a secret formula.  I’m going to guess that the secret formula is love.  

Rolos are made by Hershey.  Hershey is a great chocolate company located in, you guessed it…Hershey, Pennsylvania!  Hershey Park is a lot of fun, especially The Chocolate Tour.  What’s your favorite candy? Maybe you have more than one favorite candy.      


Hello and welcome to my first school related entry.  I want to tell you about my favorite school subject, Math.  Math is my favorite subject because I think it makes me feel smarter.  I get really good grades on each math test in my school.  

My new math teacher, Mr. Espey, is a real funny kind of guy.  He sometimes pretends to be a model.  But, teachers need to be focused, (Students too, you know).

There is a club at my school called Math 24.  It’s a club where we play a game to improve our math skills.  We are given a card with 4 numbers on it.  Then, we need to use any combination of operations to get a total of 24.  Take this problem for example.

6, 5, 5, 1

6 x 5 = 30

30 – 5 = 25

25 – 1 = 24

Sound like fun?  What’s your favorite school subject? Maybe you have more than one favorite school subject.  Until next time, hope you don’t get any F’s on your tests.

Super Mario

Hello and welcome to my first video game entry! I want to tell you my opinion about Super Mario.  He’s my favorite video game character.  

Did you know that Nintendo made a Mario app called Super Mario Run? If you want to check it out, you can buy it in the app store.  If you’re not interested in buying the full version, there’s a demo you can get for free.  

Speaking of new apps, I can’t wait to try the new game on Nintendo Switch.  It’s called Super Mario Odyssey.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come out until later this year.

Do you know why I like Mario games so much? It’s because of the design and music.  It makes me think that I’m in a video game wonderland.

Who’s your favorite video game character? Is it a character made by Nintendo?  


Hey, everyone! It’s Logan again! I want to tell you my opinion about ladybugs.  Just like the roses and penguins, ladybugs are my favorite insect.  

I like that they can collect nectar from flowers just like bees can except ladybugs don’t live in hives or make honey, (and they don’t sting!).  They can hibernate during winter months if they have a warm place to live.

I also like that they can keep bugs from a farmer’s garden.  Sometimes, bugs can poison the crops a farmer planted, but ladybugs are a good friend to them. What’s your favorite insect? Maybe you have more than one favorite insect.   


Hello once again! Today, I want to tell you my opinion about penguins.  Just like the roses, penguins are my favorite animals.  They can swim to the bottom of the sea and they live in very cold areas such as Antarctica.  

I think they are really popular in Pittsburgh because of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.  I like that they don’t slip on ice because if they did, they would need a lot of bandages.  

The Pittsburgh Zoo has loads of penguins! You can visit there any time you want.  What’s your favorite animal? Maybe you have more than one favorite animal.        


Hello, and welcome to my new Blog!  My name is Logan and I want to share my opinion about roses.  They are very pretty and they come in my favorite color, red.  I like all the different types of flowers, but roses are my personal favorite.  Mother Nature is the best thing Earth has ever given us.  

You can find some roses at Costco.  They smell pretty good, too.  What’s your favorite flower? Maybe you have more than one favorite flower.  Thank you for reading my opinion!