Hello and welcome to my first school related entry.  I want to tell you about my favorite school subject, Math.  Math is my favorite subject because I think it makes me feel smarter.  I get really good grades on each math test in my school.  

My new math teacher, Mr. Espey, is a real funny kind of guy.  He sometimes pretends to be a model.  But, teachers need to be focused, (Students too, you know).

There is a club at my school called Math 24.  It’s a club where we play a game to improve our math skills.  We are given a card with 4 numbers on it.  Then, we need to use any combination of operations to get a total of 24.  Take this problem for example.

6, 5, 5, 1

6 x 5 = 30

30 – 5 = 25

25 – 1 = 24

Sound like fun?  What’s your favorite school subject? Maybe you have more than one favorite school subject.  Until next time, hope you don’t get any F’s on your tests.


Author: allaboutloganblog

My name is Logan. I like to go to school, go to parties, play games, and make new friends. My family describes me as kind, smart, and affectionate. I'm planning to do a Youtube channel during the year. I was born in Las Vegas, the "Entertainment Capital of the World."

5 thoughts on “Math”

  1. Wow! That Math 24 club sounds like a great time! I’m not very good at math, so people that are able to do these kinds of calculations in their head quickly is very impressive. Great job!

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  2. My kids LOVE math 24!!! Did you know there is a math 24 app for Apple and Android devices? It’s not free, but it is worth the dollar. We also recently bought our own deck of math 24 cards. The kids also participate in math 24 competitions at school. So cool that you like it, too!!!

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  3. Hey, who you calling a funny kind of guy?!?!? I love the blog Logan, and am glad that you love math! Anytime you want me to model math for you, let me know.

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