Hello, and welcome to my new Blog!  My name is Logan and I want to share my opinion about roses.  They are very pretty and they come in my favorite color, red.  I like all the different types of flowers, but roses are my personal favorite.  Mother Nature is the best thing Earth has ever given us.  

You can find some roses at Costco.  They smell pretty good, too.  What’s your favorite flower? Maybe you have more than one favorite flower.  Thank you for reading my opinion!


6 thoughts on “Roses”

  1. Hey man! I also love flowers. I used to work in a flower shop and I would sometimes get to make bouquets for people when they didn’t know what they wanted. It was fun to pick a nice assortment. I also like roses a lot. You should check out “Fire and Ice” colored roses. They’re super cool. Good luck with the blog!

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